[S. Mann, c.1975]

A metaconversation is a conversation about conversations.

Metadata is data about data.

Metavision is the vision of vision; seeing a camera's ability to see, and recording a camera's ability to record.

Metavision is a word coined by Steve Mann for a concept that he invented in his childhood, using video feedback with a television display or light source to see and record a camera's (or other sensor's) ability to see (or sense) and record [link].

Meta is also the name of a Silicon Valley company that Steve Mann and his PhD student Raymond Lo, and others, co-founded to further explore these ideas.

Also known as metaveillance or veillametrics, it gives rise to surveilluminescence, sousveilluminescence, or veilluminescence...

Meta is the central theme of our TEI workshop at Stanford University [link].

[Janzen Mann 2014][slides]

Lights that glow when they're being watched trace out a camera's capacity to "see" in a long-exposure photograph

Here's a portrait I did of Thalmic's Chris Goodine holding my guncamera in front of the mirror at FITC Wearables:
(click for more from this series)

Here's the pool at the hotel that's nearest to Meta-View (Oak Motel), as viewed through the Meta Spaceglasses:

(Click for higher-resolution .gif animation and high resolution still)

Here's the same 3D AR "sightfield" rendered from a different viewing angle the next day (leftmost as viewed in real life, and rightmost, as viewed through the 3D AR Spaceglasses):

(Click for more of the hotel pool and also HP Labs, Stanford Villa Apartments, etc.)

Here's a published paper on this work: IEEE GEM 2014, October 22-24, 2014, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

See also: Janzen and Mann, IEEE CCECE, 2014, and IEEE CVPR, Mann, (Keynote).

Surveillance camera in the alley at Oak Motel, as viewed through Spaceglasses:

Still frames:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Beach trip with Raymond Lo (CTO of Meta):

here is a link to more pictures from beach trip

San Francisco Airport (car rental area):

Veillometric abakography with reflections in hotel mirror: I bought a new Samsung surveillance camera at Fry's Electronics, and here's some veillometrics with it, as the camera's sitting on the desk pointing upwards:

Live demonstrations at CVPR 2014, including Surveilluminescent Smart Dust:

Selfie (Steve Mann self portrait) with the Pro Metavision product (Meta Pro eyeglass):

Veilluminescence in game play with the Metavision eyeglass:

I gave the Keynote Address at IEEE GEM 2014, where I presented the "GunCamera" abakographic imaging game.
Selfie I took with confernce chair Nahun Gershon:

Raymond Lo, CTO of Metavision, challenging Christina to a game:

Jesse Rodgers visit to EA302, tues. 2014oct28:

Neil Mathew (quadcopter company) visit to EA302:

Ajay Agrawal visit to EA302, wed. 2014oct29:

Still frames: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Composite

Invited lecture to CSC428, 2014nov05, BA2175.

Invited lecture to MIE344, 2014nov05, WB119.

Joshua Gans, Cheif Economist, Rotman CDL, where I'm Chief Scientist.

KC Smith visiting the Inventrepreneurship Lab, fr2014dec12:
(click for high resolultion gif); links to frames: 0; 1; 2; 3.

Shane Gu visit 2014dec15.

Some jpeg versions of the above pictures: Left: 9 B Right: 11, and 13

Visualizing computer vision, including low pixel-count imaging sensors like the 128 or 1024 pixel sensor arrays used for automatic flush fixtures:

ACM TEI 2015 conference at Stanford University


Steve Mann, Chief Scientist, Meta-view